With You Lockets

Language(s): PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3

Framework(s): Magento 2

With You Lockets provides customers a customizable collection of modern lockets inspired by the simple idea to carry our most cherished relationships and memories with us at all times.

I was approached by With You Lockets just before their holiday rush as they battled slow site speed and constant crashes. Upon review of the codebase and server, I discovered the previous developer integrated their own Magento 2 theme and custom extensions. Many of these features were not being used, but were firing on almost all pages causing the majority of the slow down. I cleaned up the existing code base to have less dependency on these extensions and instead used base Magento functionality for a big speed increase. I then discovered that their current server setup was creating a bottleneck during peak hours. I helped the client move all existing work over to Rackspace to help with server management and better meet their needs.

Finally, I discovered that the product customizer constantly needed to communicate with a different server that was not always available causing constant time-outs leading to a poor customer experience and frequent site crashes. I created a new product customizer using the built-in custom options within Magento which allowed customers to upload photos for their locket.

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