PHP Developer living and working in the Twin Cities.

I’m a dedicated developer offering consulting services in Magento and WordPress. With over 6 years of software development experience, I write meticulous code for my clients that their development teams can easily understand and build upon. As a natural problem solver, I enjoy working with a variety of clients that require me to design unique solutions to the problems they encounter. My approach is honest and forthright; you’ll find no “smoke in mirrors” in my evaluation of your website and the work required to fix problems. My code always follows the current “best practices” standards and won’t lead you to problems down the road.

I recently left the web agency world in favor of my own consultant business in order to offer my clients more one-on-one attention and to provide solutions that better meet my high standards. With years of Magento development experience under my belt, I am confident in my ability to solve unique problems that arise when using this framework including shipping, product integration and ease of use. I am familiar with several ERP systems including Sage, Channel Advisor and Great Plains among others.

I’ve recently added Magento 2 to my list of specialties and am excited to offer my clients the great new services that come with this improved version of the Magento framework. I’m also well versed in WordPress, Symfony and MySQL and can learn new languages and frameworks quickly by building on my already existing knowledge base.  I continue to pursue new techniques and languages to better serve my clients and the unique challenges they present me with.

If you are in need of a custom solution to your eCommerce website, let’s work together!