Embroidery Library Commerce

Language(s): PHP, MySQL

Framework(s): Laravel, Bagisto

Embroidery Library is the parent company consisting of three different brands: Embroidery Library, Urban Threads, and Craft Genesis. They offer thousands of top-quality, artist-created designs for embroidery machines, cutting machines and laser cutting machines.

The client had 3 different brands; they were all on separate servers and codebases making it difficult to maintain. We used an ecommerce framework built in Laravel called Bagisto. The framework came built-in with most of the functionality the client needed. Coupons, downloaded products, multi site functionality. Through discovery we’ve used the existing framework and modified it to meet the client’s needs. We created a custom coupon wallet that makes it easier for customers to keep track of current coupons and updates showing available coupons based on the items in the customer’s cart.

In addition we are utilizing Elasticsearch for category and search pages results using an algorithm created by the client. This system also connects to Embroidery Library Products using an API I created. The API connects to the commerce site and automates the process of product management.

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