Language(s): PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3

Framework(s): Magento, WordPress

Dorcy is a global enterprise designing, producing, and distributing portable lighting products around the world. Dorcy manufactures a wide array of world class flashlights for general use as well as Sport, like running, hiking and camping, even Scuba Diving. Dorcy is a leading maker of portable lanterns, for camping, and emergency lighting, some equipped with USB connectivity, Bluetooth audio functionality and Mobile Apps with built in weather stations.

As Lead Developer, I lead the tech team at Irish Titan in a site rebuild of using the Magento framework. The Dorcy website involved a large scale data mapping in collaboration with the client. I also created a custom import section in the Magento admin that enabled the client to upload products and pricing with CSV’s. I also created an integration system that worked with the company’s internal shipping system using Microsoft ODBC. My integration solution pushes order information into the company’s shipping and sends back shipping information at set intervals along with a notification of the update to the customer. I utilized Webforms Pro Builder 2 for multiple forms that can be managed by the client. Finally, I created an extension that allowed Dorcy to offer a free products to their customers after a certain amount of money was spent on the site.

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