Language(s): PHP, MySQL

Framework(s): Magento 2

Conklin Company Inc. is a 40 year old manufacturing and distribution company. Conklin manufactures and distributes over 130 products across six major product divisions including Agronomics, Animal Products, Building Products, Health, Home and Vehicle Products. The diversity of both the Conklin product line as well as its customer base presented a unique challenge and unlimited possibility in terms of website design.

As Lead Developer, I lead the tech team at Irish Titan in building this unique website using the Magento 2 framework. Using my previous knowledge of Magento 1, I helped my team navigate Magento 2 challenges to create a user friendly site that met the needs of Conklin as well as their customers. The company website integrates with Sage 500 to import inventory and pricing with Magento. I designed a script that allowed my client to adjust pricing for individual customers once an item is added to the cart. Upon completion of an order, information is then sent back to Sage 500 and any additional information needed is returned back to Magento.

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