BeFast Sportsgear

Language(s): PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3

Framework(s): Magento

BeFAST is an athetic apparel company delivering products that offer superior performance with a motivational edge. BeFAST specializes in performance headbands; partnering with athletes whenever possible to further their mission.

I created a custom extension that enables BeFASTS’s users to customize their products according to their team. My extension enables customers to choose their product and specify their color choice. Once the design has been chosen, my client at BeFAST is notified of a new request for quote. At this point, the design can be reviewed, adjusted, and appropriate pricing is determined. A custom quote is then generated and delivered to the user and their cart is updated with accurate pricing.

My extension simplified a complicated process and reduced the back and forth needed to satisfy both my client at BeFAST as well as their customers.

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