Language(s): PHP, MySQL, HTML5, CSS3

Framework(s): Magento, WordPress

AbleNet is a world leader in assistive technology, curriculum and services to help individuals with disabilities lead productive, fulfilling lives. AbleNet develops, manufactures and markets a vast portfolio of technology products and curriculum solutions designed for individuals with disabilities.

I was brought on to this project to link AbleNet’s ERP system (called Sage 500) to Magento in order to sync orders, products, customers and price lists. Several challenges arose when working with Sage 500 revealing that the ERP did not have consistent uptime. In order to solve this problem, I implemented a queue system that enabled Magento and Sage 500 to automatically synchronize.

I also created a management section in WordPress that enabled AbleNet’s customers to purchase products and obtain an ISBN. Using the ISBN, the customer can then access PDF Downloads, videos and educational webinars.

My WordPress management system gave my client the ability to easily access and manage their diverse, ever changing product offering. This improved the process for my client as well as enhanced the user experience.

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